Meghan McCann

Meghan is thrilled to participate in An American Christmas for the 5th time in a row. Meghan is in 11th grade and enjoys performing and spending time with her family. Theater credits include: school production of Hamlet (Hamlet), school production of Mulan Jr. (Mushu) and Chula Vista High's (CVH) Music Man (Ensemble Dancer). She has also had 4 years of Irish dance training, and has participated in numerous dance concerts and talent shows, a concert on Carnival Cruise, and CVH's Homecoming Halftime Show. She is currently training on CVH's elite SCPA dance team, Dance Force. She would like to thank her family, teachers, and God for supporting her through life's ups and downs.

- An American Christmas 2017( 2017 )
- An American Christmas 2016( 2016 )
- An American Christmas ( 2015 )
- An American Christmas( 2014 )
- An American Christmas ( 2013 )