- Lamb's Announces Season 2015 - Colleen Kollar Smith Transition - Double Extension - Les Mis & BOOMERS


RT @LambsRobert: 16 weeks! I am so proud of the entire LES MISERABLES company. Such amazing talent. #LesMiz #Coronado
#BOOMERS the music revue of a generation, will close it’s amazing 6 month run on November 23. #SD #Gaslamp #60sMusic
Final 2 weeks of LES MISERABLES in #Coronado. This is one you do not want to miss! Closing Nov 2. #LesMiz
Thanks, Katia. We’re glad you had a few! >>RT @katia2288 Absolutely incredible. I have no words. #LesMiz @LambsPlayers
Yay! MT @dougkempf A woman on the plane asked me to recommend the #1 thing to do in San Diego. I said, you have to see #LesMiz @LambsPlayers