Past Productions

Festival Of Christmas
The Lake Forest Prophecy
Dec 6th, 1991 - Dec 30th, 1991
Wren Mark Howden
Mistress Pleasance Leigh Scarritt
Hope Sarah Zimmerman
Galant Tim Tulemllo
Trumbley Christian Turner
Larkspur Cynthia Peters
Tidswell Mike Buckley
Reaenwald Kurt Reichert
Rosalie Veronica Murphy
Musical Direction Vanda Eggington
Choreographer Pamela Turner
Fight Choreographer Marshall Dicks
Scenic Design James R. Gunn
Costume Design Jeanne Reith
Stage Manager Jerry Reynolds
"Driven by strong characterizations, beautiful singing and Robert Smyth’s confident, detailed direction. A spirited cast delivers an engaging, entertaining show. Plucky zest and welcome irreverence. The singing is truly glorious."
- ( Los Angeles Times )
"Heart, precision, good voices and more heart!"
- ( San Diego Union )