Past Productions

Barefoot In The Park
Aug 7th, 1992 - Sep 12th, 1992
by Neil Simon
Corrie Barter Cynthia Peters
Telephone Man Mark Howen
Delivery Man Jim Matney
Paul Bratter Rick Meads
Mrs. Banks Sandra Ellis-Troy
Victor Velasco Joe Nesnow
Director Kerry Meads
Scenic Design Mike Buckley
Costume Design Veronica Murphy
Sound Design Rick Meads
Stage Manager Barbara D. Smith
Lighting Design Mike Buckley
"How frustrating! One goes to see Barefoot in the Park, prepared to be upset that this company has capitulated and are doing their first Neil Simon. And then...the show turns out to be enjoyable. How dare these people confuse a guy's aesthetic certainties with unexpected pleasures!"
- ( La Jolla Light )
"The cast's comic timing is impeccable!"
- ( Los Angeles Times )
"Knows where the jokes are, but also knows how to depict the epic extremes of young love."
- ( San Diego Reader )