Past Productions

Festival Of Christmas
A Cristmas Waltz
Nov 27th, 1992 - Dec 27th, 1992
by Kerry Meads
Blake Chandler Nicole Scipione
Nelda Watling Cynthia Peters
Muriel Hamilton Sarah Zimmerman
Lauren Kane Deborah Gilmour Smyth
Candice Kane Vanda Eggington
William Fields David Cochran Heath
Phillip Kane Paul Eggington
Robert Fenton Jeffrey Stephens
Stanley Sibilsky J.J. Eliot
Carlton Mansfield Jon Lorenz
Director Kerry Meads
Musical Direction Vanda Eggington
Choreographer Pamela Turner
Scenic Design Mike Buckley
Costume Design Monica Hellzer
Lighting Design Lawrence Oberman
Stage Manager Barbara D. Smith
"The cast works smoothly together. Five youngsters are especially good. The dialogue for Heath and Smyth is witty, sharp, and well-timed. Good laughs along the way!"
- ( San Diego Union-Tribune )