Past Productions

Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat
Jun 18th, 1993 - Jul 24th, 1993
by Tim Rice
and by Andrew Lloyd Webber
Potiphar's Wife / Brother's Wife Christine Nicholson
Replaced by Pamela Turner
Brother's Wife Ria Carey
Replaced by Sarah Zimmerman
Joseph Rick Meads
Butler / Brother Michael Gangitano
Jacob / Potiphar Christian Turner
Pharoah / Brother Mike Buckley
Baker / Brother Tim Peirson
Replaced by Edward Hofmeister
Brothers Wife Vanda Eggington
Replaced by Kendra Kohrt
Keyboards Mark Manning
Drums Ric Lee
Guitar George Chodrow
Bass Stan Nelson
Musical Direction Mark Kidd
Choreographer Pamela Turner
Costume Design Veronica Murphy
Scenic Design Mike Buckley
Lighting Design C. Todd Brown
Stage Manager Barbara D. Smith
"Delightfully and inventively staged! There is more joy, more fun, more clever inventiveness on display than in the bloated Broadway-bound version!"
- ( San Diego Union-Tribune )
"Lamb’s Players must be the most versatile, stage-wise and dedicated ensemble in San Diego County. Vibrant staging! If you do not see another show this summer, see this. Be sure to wear your girdle for your splitting sides. Absolutely not to be missed!"
- ( San Diego Gay + Lesbian Times )
"The show moves at a breathless pace — wonderful visuals!"
- ( San Diego Reader )
"Transcendentally energized! Every member of the cast is a standout!"
- ( San Diego Gay + Lesbian Times )
"Critic's Choice! Lamb’s Joseph seems an oasis of tasteful innocence in a desert of commercial exploitation."
- ( San Diego Union-Tribune )