Past Productions

May 13th, 1996 - Jul 14th, 1996
and by Vanda Eggington
The Professor Doug Waldo
Bob Paul Eggington
Katherine Diane Addis
Preston Brian Trent
Roxie Kathi Gibbs
Miles Bill Doyle
Susan / Replaced Smyth Vanda Eggington
Musical Direction Vanda Eggington
Choreographer Pamela Turner
Scenic Design Mike Buckley
Costume Design Veronica Murphy
Lighting Design Nathan Peirson
Stage Manager Jenny Lynn
"Something for everyone!"
- ( Daily Californian )
"A thrilling trip down memory lane!"
- ( KPBS )
"Entertainment of the highest caliber. One viewing may not be enough!"
- ( Uptown )
"It's lively, fun, and it could run all summer."
- ( San Diego Reader )
"I love the Hotel del Coronado at Christmastime. It's like you're back 100 years, which is where you should be at Christmas."
- ( Ray Bradbury )