Past Productions

Cyrano De Bergerac
Apr 19th, 1996 - May 26th, 1996
by Edmond Rostand
translated by by Anthony Burgess
Ligniere, Poet, Cadet, Musician Bill Barstad
Marquis, Cook, Cadet Will Beinbrink
Cristian de Neuvillette Howard Bickle
Ragueneau Doren Elias
Musketeer, Cook, Cadet Shaun Evans
Valvert, Poet, Cadet Steve Gallion
Le Bret James A. Hazelwood
Comte de Guiche David Cochran Heath
Cavalryman, Cadet David Kamatoy
Montfleury, Cook, Cadet Ron Lang
Marquis, Poet, Cadet Paul Maley
Orange Girl, Wife of Ragueneau, Sister of Martha Michaelle Napolitano
Roxana Sara Tobin
Pickpocket, Child Cadet, Musician Sister Claire Chrissy Reynolds-Vögele
Bellerose, Poet, Priest George Weinberg Hater
Roxana's maid, Reverend Mother Barbara Williams
Scenic Design Nick Reid
Lighting Design Jeanne Reith
Costume Design Peter H. Smith
Stage Manager Dalouge Smith
" Romantic adventure never before seen in this city. Wonderfully lyrical!"
- ( San Diego Jewish Times )
"Luscious, with more than a little ‘panache!"
- ( KPBS )
"Strong ensemble work!"
- ( San Diego Reader )
"It holds you!"
- ( San Diego Reader )
"Represents Lamb’s Players at their best: intelligent, direct, persuasive."
- ( San Diego Union-Tribune )