Past Productions

Tripple Espresso
May 29th, 1997 - Jul 27th, 1997
by Bob Arnold
and by Michael Pearce Donley
and by Bob Stromberg
Hugh Butternut Michael Pearce Donley
Bobby Bean Bob Stromberg
Buzz Maxwell Bill Arnold
Director William Parlan
Scenic Design Nanya Ramey
Lighting Design Michael Klaers
Costume Design Kathleen Egan
Stage Manager Dalouge Smith
"Non-stop laughs!"
- ( Coronado Journal )
- ( San Diego Reader )
"Critic's Choice! A welcome jolt of comedic caffeine."
- ( San Diego Union-Tribune )
"Uproarious! this summer java-jolt is tasty, frothy, and laughinated."
- ( KPBS )
"Inspired! Irresistible!"
- ( Los Angeles Times )
"Side-splitting! Amazing!"
- ( San Diego Daily Transcript )
"Triple Espresso is a gem, a prize, a knockout, a truly funny and joyous production that emerges as a conspicuous rarity: a grand entertainment for all ages!"
- Don Freeman ( San Diego Union-Tribune )