Past Productions

Festival Of Christmas
A Cristmas Waltz
Dec 1st, 1998 - Dec 27th, 1998
by Kerry Meads
Blake Chandler Amy Elizabeth Cook
Nelda Watling Chrissy Vogele
Muriel Hamilton Season Bowers
Lauren Kane Deborah Gilmour Smyth
Candice Kane K.B. Mercer
William Fields David Cochran Heath
Philip Kane Chris Reber
Robert Fenton Nick Cordileone
Carlton Mansfield Jasper Grant
Stanley Sibilsky Chris Mangels
Director Kerry Meads
Director Robert Smyth
Musical Direction Vanda Eggington
Choreographer Pamela Turner
Scenic Design Mike Buckley
Costume Design Veronica Murphy
Lighting Design Nathan Peirson
Stage Manager Crystal Condap
"This year's offering stars two of Lamb's Players' pillars of strength, Deborah Gilmour Smyth and David Cochran Heath. The three younger couples are pure ecstasy."
- ( Daily Californian )
"Another sure thing from Lamb's Players!"
- ( San Diego Daily Transcript )
"A delightful evening! The cast, as one has come to expect at Lamb's, is outstanding."
- ( Coronado Eagle-Journal )
"Lamb's Players A Christmas Waltz is a breath of crisp Christmas air."
- ( The Publication )
"Co-directors Robert Smyth and Kerry Meads give the show a delightful, darn-near-the-top, youthful enthusiasm. The music, deftly arranged and directed by Vanda Eggington, ranges from Tchaikovsky to Glenn Miller, and the Christmas spirit fills Lamb's Players Theatre!"
- ( San Diego Reader )
"A stocking full of delights, a treat for parents and kids of all ages."
- ( San Diego Union-Tribune )