Past Productions

Dr. Faustus
Oct 12th, 2001 - Nov 18th, 2001
by Christoper Marlowe
adapted and directed by Robert Smyth
The Chorus David Cochran Heath
Dr. John Faustus Tom Stephenson
Cornelius Nick Cordileone
Valdez Chris Reber
Wagner Doren Elias
Mephistopheles Paul Eggington
Robin, A Street Urchin Chrissy Vogele
Pride Chris Reber
Greed Kerry Meads
Wrath Doren Elias
Envy Nick Cordileone
Gluttony David Cochran Heath
Sloth Chrissy Vogele
Lust Mary Miller
The Tavern Hostess Kerry Meads
The Pope Doren Elias
Archbishop Nick Cordileone
Archbishop Chris Reber
The Emperor Doren Elias
The Horse-Trader Nick Cordileone
The Cart Driver David Cochran Heath
Duke of Vanholt Chris Reber
Duchess of Vanholt Mary Miller
Helen of Troy Chrissy Vogele
The Musician Shawn Rolfe
Director Robert Smyth
Original Music Deborah Gilmour Smyth
Scenic Design Carrie Sefcik
Costume Design Jeanne Reith
Lighting Design Nathan Peirson
Stage Manager Maria Mangiavellano
Sound Design Deborah Gilmour Smyth