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- LAMB'S Ends Tenure at Horton Grand Theatre - American Rhythm Extended - Lamb's Announces Cast of American Rhythm


AMERICAN RHYTHM, 100 Years of Amazing #Music. Now extended in #Coronado thru Sept 4! #Ragtime to #RocknRoll
RT @lancerobert: Highly recommend seeing "American Rhythm" at least 2x at @LambsPlayers in Coronado thru Sept 4:
RT @kellen_gold: Had fun learning one of the ASM tracks for #AmericanRhythm at @LambsPlayers, looking forward to this week! 🎶
We know what you mean! >>RT @shelby240 saw American Rhythm tonight and left me wanting to sing and dancing in the aisles
RT @katienporter: So excited to have definitive dates I will be going on for American Rhythm at @LambsPlayers ! Can't wait to put my knowle…