- MIXTAPE RETURNS TO SAN DIEGO! - Freud to Move Downtown - Lamb's Announces Cast of West Side Story


RT @jeffreysparsons: Seeing talented friends in West Side Story tonight @LambsPlayers 🎆 Never a better night to say, "I like to be in Ameri…
Glorious 4th! #FourthOfJuly
Thanks, Meg! >>MT @itsmeganpoole #WestSideStory @LambsPlayers took my breathe away. Amazing ensemble that performed a spectacular show.
RT @MixtapeSD: Just 6 weeks till the #80sMusic Party returns to the #SanDiego #Gaslamp! MIXTAPE begins August 13
:) MT @wendieward Telling good stories SPECTACULARLY well... @LambsPlayers #WestSideStory was stunning, inventive & so so good! #goseeit